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    Echinodorus In Light of the Requirements

    Echinodorus In Light of the Requirements


    Origin / Breeder : Igor Filippov, Tscheljabinsk

    Origin: cultivated form, author Igor Filippov, Chelyabinsk Plant type: rosette with ribbon-like leaves Plant color: brown-red colouring of young leaves Additional: suitable for beginners, additional fertilization is recommended, medium lighting, strong lighting Description: Similar to a sinusoidal, only more vigorous, 35-40 cm high, the leaves are wider, tough, wavy, curved, but only the upper third outward, from which the bush resembles a fountain, young 5-6 pieces are beige-crimson, older-brown, the lower tier is olive Why "in the light of the requirements" ? Because it fulfills all the requirements that can be placed on an Echinodorus in the aquarium: A pretty much tall Echinodorus only occurs under water. And the most important thing: it reproduces perfectly with flowering shoots that can produce as many as you allow. At the same time, it is not exhausted at all. There are 3-4 nodes on the flowering shoots. Daughter plants grow large, quite dark brown with a good corrugation on the leaf edge, with curved tips, very decorative. Extremely robust and unpretentious. I grows in a terrible thickening, maybe that's why it has olive leaves. Tolerates old water well. Echinodorus promotion! Help financially those who need it. Those without such goals will find out for themselves if they need it.[1]

    Echinodorus 'Im Lichte der Ansprüche' is another representative of the so-called group of "red-brown" hybrids.

    A very interesting Echinodorus. On the one hand, it seems to resemble the earlier "works" of Igor Filippov (dark red, waviness at the leaf margin), but this is only the first impression.

    Echinodorus 'Necessary' is completely individual. And its leaf is broader and the veins on the leaves are more noticeable. And the size will be more.

    In a word, a prominent Echinodorus deserves special attention.[2]

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