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    Echinodorus Ida Bright Star

    Echinodorus Ida Bright Star


    Origin / Breeder : Golden Leaf Farm, Java

    Origin: cultivated form Plant type: rosette with lanceolate leaves Plant color: greenish-red Optional: suitable for beginners, suitable for aquaria from 50 cm Additional fertilization recommended, strong lighting Description: Echinodorus Ida Bright Star belongs to the Echinodorus group, which includes hybrids of the Indonesian selection. Its height can reach 25-30 cm, the leaves are narrow-lanceolate, long and sit on medium-length leaf stalks which, compared to the leaf size, do not detract from the general appearance of Echinodorus. Young leaves have a bright crimson color, their tips are spirally twisted. In addition, the leaves turn green, but an expressive net of purple color appears on their plates. The edge of the leaf plate is coarsely corrugated. In the content of Echinodorus Ida Bright Star, as in general with all its relatives, it is not whimsical enough.[1]

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