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    Echinodorus Hot Pepper

    Echinodorus Hot Pepper


    Origin / Breeder : Tomas Kaliebe, Altlandsberg

    Plant type: Rosette with lanceolate leaves Plant color: greenish-red, red color of young leaves. Echinodorus Hot Pepper has already won fame and love from collectors and fans of Echinodorus. Under water, the leaves are narrow-lanceolate to lanceolate, the leaf color changes from light red to dark red depending on the light intensity. The edges are slightly wavy. The longitudinal veins of the leaf are brightly highlighted. Mature plants reach a height of approx. 25 cm under water Optimal living conditions: nutrient-rich soil, for a beautiful, deep color you need a considerable amount of nutrients in the substrate. Regular foliar fertilization is also important for this variety. Echinodorus 'Hot Pepper' grows well in both soft and hard water. Echinodorus 'Hot Pepper' is one of the rare Echinodorus varieties.

    Echinodorus Hot Pepper is a very beautiful ornamental aquarium plant, a medium-sized Echinodorus with a strong root system and rosette of leaves. This hybrid, known since 2003, was obtained by Tomas Kaliebe by crossing Echinodorus species such as Red Flame and Kleiner Bär at the ZooLogiCa aquatic nursery near Berlin. Although it has been on the market for some time, it remains a rare species. Echinodorus Hot Pepper grows to a height of 15-40 cm, the leaves are elongated, narrow, lanceolate with clearly visible light veins. The color of the leaves ranges from light green to deep red or with red spots, depending greatly on the growing conditions. The leaf edges are wavy. The length of the leaves is up to 20 cm, the width is 3 cm, the stalk is short. It can grow in paludariums above water. Hot peppers are an easy-care aquarium plant that is suitable for beginners. Echinodorus of this species requires a good light, porous soil with a grain size of 1-3 mm, preferably with a nutrient-rich substrate. The soil should be neutral - do not increase the hardness and pH of the water. The soil layer should be at least 5 cm. If the soil layer is not sufficient to support the plant, it can be tied to some kind of load. The plant is not demanding, average lighting is sufficient and the addition of CO2 is not necessary. However, under strong light, with the addition of CO2 and the introduction of trace elements, the leaves become more attractive, bright red or green with red spots. This type of Echinodorus is considered small, but can grow up to 40 cm and is therefore used to decorate medium and large aquariums. Creates a bright, green-red accent in the foreground and midground.[1]

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