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    Echinodorus Horizontalis Mini

    Echinodorus Horizontalis Mini


    Origin / Breeder :

    Echinodorus horizontalis mini is a medium-sized rosette plant with green leaves. Echinodorus are very plastic plants and can grow in a fairly wide range of environmental parameters. And yet it is desirable that the water is not very hard (no more than 20 °). The temperature must not fall below 15 °C. And best of all, if the water has a hardness of up to 10 ° and a temperature above 20 ° C. A prerequisite for the good development and growth of Echinodorus is sufficiently bright lighting and a neutral or slightly alkaline water reaction (pH 6.8-7.6). Echinodorus horizontal most often reproduces vegetatively in the aquarium by forming daughter plants on flowering shoots.[1]

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