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    Echinodorus Horemanii New Red

    Echinodorus Horemanii New Red


    Plant type: rosette with lanceolate leaves Plant color: greenish-red, red colouring of young leaves Additional: suitable for aquariums over 50 cm, CO₂ supply required additional fertilization recommended, medium light, strong light Description: Echinodorus cf Horemanii Neu Fäulnis appeared in our collection by chance in a shipment from Southeast Asia. Its origin is unknown. Externally, Echinodorus cf Horemanii New Rot is somewhat reminiscent of Echinodorus horemanii Rot. The young leaf of Echinodorus cf Horemanii New Red is translucent, has a delicate light pink color and a network of veins is visible on it. This network remains for some time. Then the leaf darkens. Older leaves take on a brown hue.[1]

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