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    Echinodorus Hart


    Echinodorus Hart is still a rather rare plant in the collections of aquarists.

    Received Echinodorus Hart from the Polish company of aquarium plants. Its origin is not known.

    Among the large community of Echinodorus, Echinodorus Hart stands out both for its appearance and growing conditions.

    The plant is quite difficult to cultivate. Under our conditions, underwater specimens of Echinodorus Hart never grew larger than 12 cm. In addition, they develop very slowly, new leaves appear no more than one in 2 months.

    In the aquarium it is better to place in places with low lighting, an excess of light contributes to intense fouling of algae.

    Echinodorus Hart is very tough. The leaf stalks are thick and very hard. The leaf plate is very dense, almost like Anubias, oval shaped, reminiscent of the heart. It has smooth edges, a little wavy, the top of the leaf can be pointed or smoothly rounded. The color of the leaf depends on various factors - lighting, nutrition, water quality and from their combination can be different shades of green, young leaves have a beige-pink tint with a noticeable brown spot.

    With a surface content of Echinodorus Hart it is a very vigorous plant up to 1 m in height with a small number of dark green hard leaves. Flowering shoots are not frequent with a small number of daughter plants.

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