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    Echinodorus Green Firefly

    Echinodorus Green Firefly


    Origin / Breeder : Igor Filippov, Tscheljabinsk

    Green Firefly is a beautiful green Echinodorus. Leaves lanceolate up to 20 cm long and 4 - 5 cm wide, petiole up to 10 cm The texture of the leaves is dense, leathery, glossy and elastic. Echinodorus is multi-leaved. The color of the leaves is green with a pistachio hue. Young leaves are transparent, old ones translucent. Lateral veins of some leaves join the longitudinal veins at an almost right angle. Propagated by daughter plants on the flowering shoot and by root suckers.origin: cultivated form, author Igor Filippov, Chelyabinsk Plant type: rosette with ribbon-like leaves Plant color: light green Additional: suitable for beginners, suitable for aquariums from 50 cm additional fertilization is recommended, medium lighting, strong lighting Description: Echinodorus 'Green Firefly' is a very slender plant (if we can speak of rosette), it keeps the leaves vertically - falling. I. Filippov has quite a few green hybrids, but Echinodorus 'Green Firefly' is perhaps the most memorable.[1]

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