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    Echinodorus Graciella

    Echinodorus Graciella


    Origin / Breeder : Hans Barth, Dessau

    Plant type: rosette with lanceolate leaves, wavy leaf edge Plant color: greenish-red, red color of young leaves

    suitable for beginners recommended additional fertilization, medium lighting, strong lighting

    Description : Echinodorus Graciella - a new Echinodorus, outwardly very fitting to its name - Graciella - graceful. In fact, Echinodorus Graciella is very interesting, it combines many of the features and characteristics of different plants - an unusual pink-brick-red color, lanceolate leaves, wavy at the edges with barely noticeable veins, a slightly darker shade. The leaf rosette is rather compact, only old leaves fall off. It grows fairly quickly.[1]

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