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    Echinodorus Gold Bart

    Echinodorus Gold Bart


    The leaves are placed on the water and the leaves grow in this way in a small aquarium. It has a very nice yellow color, with very strong iron feeding it turns brown. Keeps many leaves, old leaves turn green. There is a very thick flowering shoot, on which usually only 2-3 daughter plants develop well, the rest drag on. Has some resemblance to Horemanii Red. Personally I keep it because of its golden color, the name is very appropriate, I no longer have this color of echis. It looks beautiful and rich in an aquarium. Everyone who comes to visit will surely wonder what kind of Echinodorus it is, in general it attracts attention. But unfortunately, many are afraid of the size, and it's a pity, it grows in my 200 liters with another 6 mother plants of Echinodorus and all multiply and coexist peacefully.

    On the flowering shoot can be removed up to 6 internodes and the last triple bud, from the flowering shoot can be removed at the same time up to 23 plants. In aerial form, it has a dark green color and a height of 38-40 cm, and grows well in winter on a windowsill in a "wet" flower pot. I have gotten up to 6 shooters a year, and more can be made (if really needed). It looks very nice "crushed" by the light - it has dark burgundy leaves, but a short leaf plate, in low fluorescent lighting the leaf is longer and wider, but the color is lost and the petiole "pulls" the leaf towards the lamps.[1]

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