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    Echinodorus Glu


    Origin / Breeder : Grigory Glushenko, Taschkent

    Description by Sergei Fomin: The story of the appearance of this Echinodorus is as follows. On one of his rare trips to Moscow, when he met Alexander Ershov, he received this plant as a gift. Eh came from SEA, there was no name. I have taken the liberty of giving this Echinodorus a name. The plant is medium-sized, I did not grow higher than 25 cm. It was thrown into the air, after which it received the first flower shoot. Under water short cuttings, broad elongated leaves with light veins. Keeps 4-5 colored leaves.[1] A medium-sized plant. The leaves are narrow-lanceolate to striped, the leaf blades are 15-20 cm long and about 5-7 cm wide, the petioles are 10-15 cm long. Older leaves are green, young leaves canary yellow with brick-red spots.

    - An undemanding plant for light and nutrition.

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