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    Echinodorus Flame Of The Foundry

    Echinodorus Flame Of The Foundry


    Echinodorus Farbgießerflamme

    Origin / Breeder : Igor Filippov, Tscheljabinsk

    The hybrid is lost. Author's description: "First from the seeds grew a dwarf echinodorus of a dark brown tortoiseshell color, with the texture of leaves, such as in an ocelot, loose, ie then a new leaf emerged with a beautiful pink spot as big as a penny The USSR, then - more. And the next leaf has a larger spot, etc , such a beautiful beauty as I did not see these two leaves in the Echinodorus, although the spell has long been. Red flame seemed so pathetic and miserable. Of course, the pink color gradually faded with the age of the leaf ... And then someone turned off the switch (stepped on the phase - as electricians say) The bush began to multiply from the root with daughter plants, and quite successfully, and soon these daughter plants (and I constantly separated them) occupied about 12 square meters. But the thing is that my mother did not give anyone the pink color. with two luxurious leaves (and for some reason things did not go further), and all the daughter plants were brown. I don't remember how they got to anyone, but when we moved, the mother broke apart and the daughter plants ... well, who takes care of them. Turns out I was in a hurry to get in touch as I didn't know the consequences. Strange, but usually a mother gives her all her beauty without a trace when she gives birth to a powerful baby, while she can even die."[1]

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