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    Echinodorus Fantastic Color

    Echinodorus Fantastic Color


    Origin / Breeder : Tomas Kaliebe, Altlandsberg

    Echinodorus Fantastic Color - belongs to the rare varieties of Echinodorus.

    Echinodorus Fantastic Color has upright, narrow-lanceolate leaves, up to 12 cm long, the leaf stalks are as long as the leaf plates. Young leaves are intensely red. Over time, the color of the leaves varies from dark red to brown. There are striking light green to almost white veins on the leaves.

    Nutrient soil is essential for this hybrid. The introduction of liquid micronutrient fertilizers, additional supply of carbon dioxide, bright lighting ensure a better appearance of the plant, accelerate the vegetation speed and color depth of the plant.

    It is undemanding to the chemical parameters of water, it feels good both in soft and hard water. The optimum temperature of the content is 20-28°C.

    Used as a solitary plant in the middle ground. Propagated by daughter plants on the flowering shoots.[1]

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