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    Echinodorus Dschungelstar Nr. 5 Grosser Bär

    Echinodorus Dschungelstar Nr. 5 Grosser Bär

    light: much-medium
    temperature: 22-28°C
    Growth: medium - fast
    location: background
    height: up to 40 cm
    pH: 5-8
    water hardness: soft to hard
    Co2: 20-30mg/L

    Dennerle E05 Echinodorus Dschungelstar Nr. 5 Grosser Bär

    Origin / Breeder : Fa. Dennerle Plants, Vinningen

    Origin / Breeder : Julius Hoechstetter, Trostberg [1]

    Rosette with oval leaves Plant color: greenish-red Additional: suitable for beginners Recommended supplementary fertilization, strong lighting Description: Echinodorus Big Bear - Jungle Star No. 5 - hybrid, cultivated form, Fa. Dennerle. Echinodorus Big Bear is the result of a cross between Echinodorus x barthii and Echinodorus parviflorus. The plant forms a rosette of beautiful leaves that are slightly wavy at the edges. Leaf blades are oval, petioles are quite long. Young leaves have an intense reddish tint, while older leaves become darker and turn reddish-brown-greenish. Lighter colored veins stand out clearly on the leaf blade. In the culture of Echinodorus, Big Bear is rather unpretentious. It develops well in water of medium hardness with a neutral reaction. Prefers humus-rich, nutritious soil and bright light. The addition of iron, trace elements to the water and the supply of CO2 help maintain a bright color. Echinodorus Big Bear grows quite quickly. Under suitable conditions in the aquarium, it can reach a height of up to 40 cm.

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