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    Echinodorus Dschungelstar Nr. 4 Grizzly-Bär

    Echinodorus Dschungelstar Nr. 4 Grizzly-Bär

    light: much-medium
    temperature: 22-28°C
    Growth: medium
    Location: background
    height: Up to 40 cm
    pH: 5-8
    water hardness: soft to hard
    Co2: 20-30mg/L

    Dennerle E04 Echinodorus Dschungelstar Nr. 4 Grizzly-Bär

    Origin / Breeder : Julius Hoechstetter, Trostberg [1]

    Dennerle plant type: rosette with oval leaves Plant color: light green pigment spots on young leaves, pigmentation of part of the leaf plate Addition: suitable for beginners Recommended supplementary fertilization Strong lighting[2]

    Designation in:

    FR: Echinodorus Dschungelstar No. 4 Grizzli

    IT:  Echinodorus Dschungelstar Nr. 4 Orso-Grizzli

    NL: Echinodorus Dschungelstar Nr. 4 Grizzli-Beer

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