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    Echinodorus Digital Art

    Echinodorus Digital Art

    light: much-medium
    temperature: 22-28°C
    growth: slow
    Location: foreground
    height: up to 15 cm
    pH: 5-8
    water hardness: soft to hard
    Co2: 20-30mg/L
    propagation: Adventitious plants on the flower stalk,

    Rizome division

    Origin / Breeder : Tomas Kaliebe, Altlandsberg

    Echinodorus ́Digital Art ́ is a hybrid bred by Tomas Kaliebe in 2003.

    Echinodorus is compact, growing to 20... 25 cm Its name translates as "digital painting" and the drawing of veins on the leaves, especially on the young, represents an abstract image that corresponds to the name. It grows fast enough, it is not demanding for keeping conditions, but with intense lighting and the addition of trace elements to the water, its pattern appears brighter and clearer.[1]

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