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    Echinodorus Chrysolite

    Echinodorus Chrysolite


    Origin / Breeder : Igor Filippov, Tscheljabinsk

    Description by Igor Filippov:

    Commercial Echinodorus. It got its name for the bright color of the leaves, comparable only with Echinodorus "Supreme Landscaper" and "Emerald". It differs from other green Echinodorus by the almost acidic chrysolite color of the young leaves, it is well sold. In fact, "Chrysolite" is a Uruguayan Horemani with all its inherent characteristics. Ribbon-like leaves are thick and elastic, opaque, matte, of which there are many. Some leaves are very textured, with pits on the surface. The height of an adult plant is 45 cm, it reproduces from daughter plants on a flowering shoot, there can be 4 pieces in a nodule, they grow rapidly. Unkillable, does not slip anywhere. Only the kindest words.[1]

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