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    Echinodorus Chocolate Marble

    Echinodorus Chocolate Marble


    Most likely, it is a new hybrid, which has common ancestors with little-known Echinodorus Alto Rio Negro (in Russia - Echinodorus Floridas).

    Externally, Echinodorus Chocolate Marble lives up to its name - leaf plates under water look like chocolate marble, ie brown color.

    Leaves on a small petiole, broadly oval. Young leaves are brightly colored, dark red. "Chocolate" spots are barely noticeable. But the older the leaf, the more expressive are the marble spots.

    In the conditions of keeping it is not picky. The chemical parameters of the water have no particular influence on the development of the plant, it is equally comfortable in both medium-soft and hard water.

    Nutrient substrate has some importance for the successful growth of Echinodorus Chocolate Marble. The introduction of liquid micronutrient fertilizers, additional supply of carbon dioxide, bright lighting provide better appearance of the plant, accelerate the rate of vegetation and brightness of plant color.

    The growth rate is average. However, we believe that Echinodorus Chocolate Marble is a very promising Echinodorus and deserves wide distribution.[1].

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