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    Echinodorus Breuni Red

    Echinodorus Breuni Red


    Origin / Breeder : Fa. Dennerle Plants, Vinningen

    Echinodorus Breuni Red is created from a breeding series of the 2nd generation from the jungle star varieties. The somewhat peculiar variety name refers to the company Breuninger. The variety was presented and baptized in one of the large shopping centers during an aquaristic event. The new Echinodorus fits seamlessly into the Dschungelstar series with its characteristics. Breuni Red grows well and is easy to care for. Nutrient-rich substrate and sufficient CO2 are guarantors for lush growth. With good lighting the new and inner leaves are bright red and form a nice contrast to the older olive green leaves. With a growth height of 40-50 cm, the plant is a real eye-catcher as a solitary.