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    Echinodorus Bima


    Origin / Breeder : AQUATIC PLANT CENTRE CO.,LTD., Thailand

    BIMA is an Indonesia very own Echinodorus hybrid. The name was taken from a hero character in local puppet show folklore (Wayang), resembling its leaf pattern and morphology.[1]

    Echinodorus Bima can grow quite large and should be planted in aquariums that provide adequate space for its growth. Coloration varies, ranging from deep red for new growth to rich green for mature leaves. While this plant can tolerate lower lighting, higher intensity increases vibrancy. Similar to other Echinodorus species, Echinodorus Bima is a hardy plant that adapts to a wide range of parameters, making it suitable for beginner hobbyists. It should be noted that echinodors are strong root eaters and require hearty substrates to establish at least one strong root system for healthy growth.

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