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    Echinodorus Bark Beetle Road


    Echinodorus Bark Beetle Road

    Origin / Breeder : Igor Filippov, Tscheljabinsk

    Rosette with ribbon-like leaves Plant color: dark green pigment spots on young leaves Strokes present Additional: suitable for beginners additional fertilization is recommended, medium lighting, strong lighting Description: behind elongated spots. As if a group of bark beetles crawling for themselves, running along a green stem. Don't take my word for it that these bark beetles were dreaming of a squirrel. A sturdy plant with ribbon-like leaves. The leaves are hard, not fragile at all, shiny-matte, up to 60 cm long, up to 4 cm wide, of which there are many. In fact, this is a spotted, fast-growing grief. Leaves lose spots only with age. Once I got out of the water, but soon dived again. Under water, the growth rate is rather slow compared to other representatives of Igor Filippov's hybrids, and the author particularly emphasizes the rapid growth rate. Leaves - as described by the author, only it has not grown to a height of 60 cm, the height is about 35 cm It is not overbearing in illuminance, it grows well in medium lighting, however the brighter the lighting , the more intense the color. It grows well in water of medium hardness, pH 6.0-8.0, temperature 22-24 ° C. Soil is a special nutritious substrate, with which the pot is filled. But he does not want to multiply by root children.

    Echinodorus Road of the bark beetle is a vigorous plant with ribbon-like leaves. The leaves are hard, shiny, up to 60 cm long, up to 4 cm wide, the spots on the leaves are elongated and adhere even to old leaves. Reproduces by daughter plants on a flowering shoot.[1]

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