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    Echinodorus Agavadorus

    Echinodorus Agavadorus

    light: much-medium
    temperature: 22-28°C
    Growth: medium
    location: middleground
    height: up to 25 cm
    pH: 5-8
    water hardness: soft to hard
    Co2: 20-30mg/L

    Origin / Breeder : Igor Filippov, Chelyabinsk

    Description from the author's words : This Echinodorus has its name because of its resemblance to hybrid agaves, the same many-leaved, erect leaves, tough, there are many of them, their underside is covered with microspines and feels rough. The youngest are very light green and have a peculiar hue. In good conditions, it can hold a few snow-white leaves with green veins. A mature plant is about 25 cm high, gladly gives flower stalks and basal roots. Stems usually with three nodules. Absolutely unpretentious, never goes up in the air. On the left is a mature plant, on the right is a baby about 8 months old. This baby is 15 cm tall and already has a rhizome. So if you don't feed it, this Echinodorus can be considered compact[1].

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