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    Echinodorus Aflame

    light: much
    temperature: 22-28°C
    growth: slow
    Location: middle ground


    Height: up to 25 cm
    pH: 6-7,5
    water hardness: soft to hard
    Co2: 20-30mg/L

    Origin / Breeder : Variety breeding from the Netherlands ???

    Echinodorus Aflame is an aquarium plant with a unique leaf color and is therefore becoming increasingly popular. On sale since 2005, it resembles Echinodorus Dschungelstar Nr. 16 but remains smaller. The underwater leaves are elongated and elliptical in shape, somewhat wavy, and have a strong dark red hue.It can also be found under the name Purple Knight (Echinodorus Aflame Purple Knight). Echinodorus Aflame is a rosette-like plant, the leaves are lanceolate and slightly twisted. The color of leaves can be dark green, brown, bright red, young leaves are purple-red. Very beautiful Echinodorus because of the unusual curled leaves, purple or dark maroon on both sides. The brighter the light, the lighter the color of the leaves. The veins on the leaves are very similar to those of Echinodorus barthii. The petiole can reach a length of 8-10 cm, depending on the light. The long, delicate leaves are grouped together in a rosette that is fairly tightly fused together, and the roots are pink. Young bushes of Echinodorus Aflame about 15 cm in height, with many dark purple leaves look very decorative in the aquarium in the middle ground. Adult plants grow up to 25 cm high, the petioles can be elongated depending on the living conditions: in bright light the petioles are short, in weaker light they stretch upwards. The color of the leaves also depends on the light: in very bright light they are bright red, in weaker light they are darker, brown or dark maroon. If you provide this plant with all the necessary conditions in the aquarium, then Echinodorus Aflame will easily take root and care is not difficult at all, although some have problems. Like all echinodores, it needs a good, nutrient-rich soil or substrate. The soil should be fine, sand or fraction of not more than 5 mm. Nutrient substrate should be rich in iron, this will positively affect the color and richness of color of leaves, but give good results and ordinary soil for houseplants, mixed in ordinary gravel, or balls of clay. Often Echinodorus Aflame planted in a pot for houseplants with soil and gravel and put in an aquarium in this form. Echinodorus Aflame needs very strong light, not less than 1 W / liter, and the color of the leaves of this strongly dependent. The care temperature from 18 to 28 ºC. pH in the range of 6.0 - 7.5, the water is soft or medium hard, carbonate hardness 0 - 21 °dKH. It is desirable to make in an aquarium CO2 (10-40 mg / L), as well as liquid fertilizers containing nitrogen, potassium and phosphate, as well as trace elements and iron. If there is a shortage of nitrogen in the aquarium, the plant will immediately respond with small leaves, if there is enough, the leaves are large, wide. The unusual color of the aquarium plant helps to create a splash of color in the aquarium, a striking eye-catcher. Echinodorus Aflame can be used both in the middle ground of the aquarium and as a background plant. Try combining this species with the bright green Echinodorus tenellus by planting Echinodorus tenellus in the foreground and Aflame in the middle and/or background, and you will get an amazing contrast of green and red-purple. You can also try combinations with other color and shape contrasting plants. In addition, Echinodorus Aflame fits perfectly with the Dutch Aquadesign style.

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