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    Dennerle E165 Echinodorus Foxtail

    Dennerle E165 Echinodorus Foxtail


    Dennerle name of : Echinodorus Foxtail

    The leaves lie almost horizontally in the water column, and therefore occupy a lot of space with a strongly spreading rosette. Leaves on a short petiole, heart-shaped with a sharp tip, resemble a foxtail - hence the name - foxtail. The leaves are light green, with an inconspicuous brown spot, the leaves can bear quite a lot Echinodorus Foxtail is a very attractive small plant. The content does not cause any difficulties. However, additional fertilization with micronutrient fertilizers and intense lighting contribute to the formation of a denser and brighter rosette. The growth rate is average. Often gives flower sprouts with daughter plants.

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