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    Aquarius floribundus (Seub.) Christenh. & Byng

    Aquarius floribundus (Seub.) Christenh. & Byng


    Basionym : Echinodorus floribundus (Seub.) Seub.


       Alisma floribundum Seub.

       Alisma pubescens var. claussenii Seub.

      Echinodorus grandiflorus subsp. aureus (Fassett) R.R.Haynes & Holm-Niels.

       Echinodorus grandiflorus var. aureus Fassett

       Echinodorus grandiflorus var. claussenii (Seub.) Hoehne

       Echinodorus grandiflorus var. floribundus (Seub.) Micheli

       Echinodorus macrophyllus var. muricatus (Griseb.) Micheli

       Echinodorus muricatus Griseb.

       Echinodorus punctatus Micheli

       Sagittaria brasiliensis Mart. ex Micheli


      From Mexico and Cuba via Venezuela, Colombia, Peru and Brazil to Bolivia, Paraguay and northern Argentina.


      Grows in palm swamps (Mauritia flexuosa L. f.), along lake margins and in damp depressions in flooded savannahs. From sea level to 1650 m.

    Morphology General habit

      Perennial, from horizontal rhizomes, petioles and stems hairy, up to 300 cm

    Morphology Leaves

      Leaves emersed, blades broadly ovate, star-shaped pubescent on the underside, 11 - 21-veined, 20 - 40 cm long, 16 - 40 cm wide, translucent markings as dots present or rarely absent, apex blunt to obtuse, base heart-shaped, petiole round, star-shaped hairy, up to 90 cm long, 0.5 - 2.5 cm in diameter, base with sheath up to 22 cm long

    Morphology Reproductive morphology Fruits

      Fruit oblique, 2 - 3 ribbed, glandular, 1.8 - 2.8 mm long, 1 mm wide, glands 2 - 3, separated by ribs, elongated, beak end, erect, 0.2 - 0.3 mm.

    Morphology Reproductive morphology Inflorescences

      Inflorescence paniculate, of 8 - 16 whorls, each 7 - 18-flowered, erect, protruding leaves, occasionally outgrowing, up to 120 cm long, up to 70 cm wide, rachis round, peduncle round, star-shaped hairy, up to 155 cm long, 2.5 cm diam, bracts lanceolate, coarse, 1 - 4 cm long, 4 - 11 mm wide, 11 - 24 veins, pointed tip, pedicels spread out in flower and fruit, 1 - 4 cm long, 1 mm diam. flowers 3 - 4 cm in diameter, sepals erect, 12 - 19-veined, 7 mm long, 5 mm wide, veins without papillae, petals spreading, white, without claws, overlapping, ca. 20 mm long, 18 mm wide, stamens 24 - 30, anthers many-sided, ca. 1.5 mm long, filaments c. 3 mm long, carpels numerous


      Flowering and fruiting all year round.[1]

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