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    These are the Echinodorus pages of H.-P. Borgert

    These deal with the sword plants of the genera Aquarius , Echinodorus and Helanthium from the family Alismataceae.

    The genus Aquarius was redone in 2018 by Maarten J.M. Christenhusz and James W. Byng and includes all other previous Echinodorus species except Echinodorus berteroi. This was the largest revision of the genus Echinodorus to date.

    This is one of the most comprehensive collections of species and cultivar names and synonyms of Amazonian sword plants.

    In addition to Echinodorus Berteroi, the 26 Aquarius and 3 Helanthium species, it contains

    more than 1000 names of hybrids, synonyms, trade and country names.

    I do not claim completeness or highest scientificity by far. To many names one finds in the net and also in the literature little or nothing. If you notice any mistakes or missing plant names, please let me know via the Contact Form.